Current Flavors


It's finally here...Our take on


Cookies n' Cream with a


rainbow sprinkle twist!


For the ones who love a classic.


We use Nielsen-Massey


Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla +


lots of extra marshmallow.


Your favorite things about a

sugar cookie now as a Crispie.

It is sweet, marshmallowy, and

sprinkled with crunchy rainbow



A perfect balance of salty and

sweet. Dark brown sugar is

caramelized and blended

with fresh cream and Maldon

Sea Salt.

Who doesn't love the

cinnamon-sugar coated, crispy

texture of a Churro? Our Crispie

hits all the same notes.

A fruity spin on a childhood

breakfast favorite! Our vanilla

based treat is folded with Fruity

Pebbles and is as delicious as it

is fun!

Our traditional treat is blended

with 100% Dutch Cocoa

Powder for a rich and luxurious


Packed with double the peanut

butter, our peanut butter Crispie

is topped with Reese's PB

Chips. It's a PB lover's dream!

Flavors of the Month - October

Chocolate & Peanut Butter? Name a better combination...Our amazing Vanilla Crispie and is topped with chunks of Reese's Peanut

Butter Cups.

A carrot cake, spice cake dream...minus the carrots! This flavor is made with Carrot Cake Oreos, cinnamon graham crumble and cream cheese chips!

Past Flavors of the Month

Our traditional Crispie Treat

loaded with graham cracker

crumbs, coconut, butterscotch

chips, and milk & semi sweet

chocolate chips.

Peanut buttery, chocolatey

crunch! Our Peanut Butter

Crispie base layered with bits of

real Butterfinger.

Layers of marshmallow and

chocolate covered graham

crackers will make you feel like

you're sitting around the


The ultimate childhood

throwback! Our Vanilla Crispie

layered with Cosmic Brownies

and topped with rainbow

chocolate sprinkles.

Cadbury milk chocolate mini

eggs sprinkled throughout our

traditional Rice Crispie.

With a subtle hint of chocolate,

this treat is reminiscent of Red

Velvet cake!

A Peanut Butter Crispie is

loaded with peanut butter chips

& strawberry jammie bits!

This flavor starts with a

chocolate-peanut butter based

treat then is studded inside and

out with Reese's Peanut Butter



A childhood, spooky favorite.

Halloween Oreos® and a peanut butter

Crispie make for a treat that is scary good!

A seasonal treat with sweet notes of cinnamon, nutmeg,

and clove that make it an

instant Fall favorite.

Churros, chocolate, and caramel - what a dessert dream come true! We start with our cinnamon-y Churro Crispie and add mini salted caramel chocolate truffles.

Chocolate & Peanut Butter? Name a better combination...This flavor starts with our amazing Vanilla Crispie and is topped with chunks of

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

Your favorite Girl Scout Cookie


meets Crispie Treat! This month's


flavor is a chocolate based Crispie


Treat topped with crushed chocolate,


mint cookies


The combination you didn't know you


needed...Our Salty Caramel Crispie


topped with chunks of chocolate


covered pretzels!


The perfect Spring treat!


A Vanilla Crispie sprinkled with


our strawberry shortcake topping.

Mother's Original Circus Animal


Cookies create the perfect


childhood-inspired treat. This gooey


classic Crispie gets a colorful and


flavorful upgrade with pink and white


chocolate, cookies, and sprinkles!

Get your roll on with these Rolo®


Crispies! Our sweet vanilla treat with


a layers of chewy chocolate caramel



Oreo crumble + cookie dough =


dessert heaven!

A Rice Crispie Treat with real Cap'n Crunch ® and topped with flaky sea salt!

Our classic Crispie Treat loaded with Lemon Oreo ®! We top this lemony treat with Biscoff ® Cookie crumble and lemon chips!

A sweet Crispie Treat with berry jammie bits, topped with shortbread crumble and rainbow sugar sprinkles!

A peanut buttery, nostalgic Crispie


with a peanut butter creme layer and


nutter butter crumble topping.