Crispie Cake (6")

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  • Crispie Cake (6")
  • Crispie Cake (6")
  • Crispie Cake (6")

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Everyone's favorite childhood treat, now reimagined as a cake! Sweet, vanilla-y Crispie treat layered with marshmallows and topped with rainbow sprinkles. 


Contains: wheat, dairy & soy lecithin.

Each 6" cake serves 8-12 people (6" diameter x 5" tall)

Enjoy with your hands or a fork.


Each Crispie Cake is carefully wrapped to maintain freshness and is stable at room temperature. Crispie Cakes will keep for approximately 5 days if fully-wrapped. If you plan to enjoy your cake over multiple days, please wrap and place in an air tight container to maintain freshness.


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