Merry Munch Crispie Crunch™ (2-Pack)

$ 13.99 

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Vanilla Rice Crispie Treats + Cereal + Pretzels + Christmas M&Ms. This snack mix is the perfect thing to munch on!  

Each order comes with two (2) or four (4) 4.5oz bags of Original Crispie Crunch.  Our Crispie Crunch can be frozen for months, great for those times when you just need a little treat.  Please allow approximately 15 minutes to reach room temperature if coming from the freezer.

Contains: wheat, dairy, chocolate – 4.5 oz. each

Our products are handcrafted in a facility where dairy, wheat, nuts and soy are present.

Please allow 3-5 days for production of your order plus shipping.